What We’re Doing

  • The Need

    Child trafficking is prevalent in India. When families find that they have too many mouths to feed and not enough money, it is common for parents to become prey for traffickers who pressure, pay, or deceive them into handing over their children. There are several things that an Indian child can be sold into, including sexual exploitation, illegal activities such as drug peddling and organ trade, labor, entertainment and sports, adoption, and marriage.
    The following are statistics from the U.S. Department of State regarding child labor and trafficking in India:

    • More than 2.3 million girls and women are believed to be in India’s sex industry
    • It is believed that more than 200,000 persons are trafficked into, within, or through India annually
    • 15% of India’s estimated 2.3 million prostitutes are children
    • 10-14 go to a school of any kind.

    This lack of education leads to a cycle of poverty that re-creates these conditions every generation. Any serious consideration of assistance to the poor in India must be accompanied by interest in stemming the root cause of the poverty and breaking this generational cycle. The solution involves not just centers for the children, but education and long-term vision.

  • The Solution

    With such great needs and overwhelming odds, an organized and effective strategy must be established by the very people who are most invested. We believe it is the duty of the local church to take care of their children and that a good education is the most effective way of breaking the cycle of poverty and instilling hope for this generation and the generations to come.

    Too many children growing up in rural India are exposed to child labor and child trafficking.  It is the poorest of the poor that reside in these villages, so we are striving to reach out to those who are impoverished and destitute. As a result, we see so many needs, and it is often the children who suffer the most. Currently, we have 26 Covenant Child Development Centers (CCDC) in operation and are looking for those who like to partner with us to provide for these children. We could provide life changing education to children in 3,640 villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh if we have the sponsors to do so.

  • The Concept

    Six days a week twenty-five of the poorest children in each village receive a private school education that will equip them to lead a life outside of manual labor and poverty. After school the children arrive at the center, where they enjoy a hot meal, laugh and play with their friends and spend time doing their homework with a tutor on hand to help with difficult problems and questions, something illiterate parents are unable to do. Parents receive support, parenting classes, counseling, and the piece of mind knowing that their child will have will have more.

  • Your Role

    For ONE DOLLAR a day, we can feed, tutor, & disciple each child, six days per week. They can go to school each day with their homework done, a full stomach, and with a song in their hearts.

    We need you to support CCDC with prayer and financial donations. This vision is too big for us to do it alone. Whether you can sponsor one child or a whole center, WE NEED YOU! You are vital to to the lives of these children. Join with us and donate today.