Who knew!

David 150Who knew $30 was worth so much! For me, a married mother of four, $30 seems to disappear very quickly. It’s enough to take our family through the drive through (one of my kids is a teenage boy). For a child living in rural India, $30 is life giving.

CCDC has kicked off a new child sponsorship program and it’s only $30 a month. That is enough to provide educational opportunity, nutrition, and an after school program. It is enough to provide safety from traffickers and child labor. It’s is enough to teach families about child’s marriage and why they shouldn’t force their children to marry so young. It’s enough to provide support to father’s struggling with alcohol addiction. It’s enough to give mothers the peace of mind knowing their child will have a better life and have the chance to move beyond poverty. $30 is a huge amount of money for a child in CCDC!

If $30 a month seems like a small price to pay to support a family and prevent trafficking, find out more about the program and how to change a life.

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