Vandanamala’s Story

Luxurious granite and marble slabs are found and mined in Thimmanapalem, India, where Vandanamala lives with her extended family. Vandanamala’s father, Davidu, works both as a mason-laborer and in a granite factory, lifting heavy granite slabs to be polished, in an attempt to earn enough to support the family. Unfortunately, as an unskilled laborer, all his hard work brings in very little money. Vandanamala’s mother works tending cattle to do her part to help support the family.

Although both of Vandanamala’s parents work very hard, their combined income does not fully meet the needs of their family of eight, so they have absolutely nothing leftover to pay for school. Over time, Vandanamala’s parents had lost hope of seeing their children get the education they need for a good future. As daily wage laborers, her parents’ maximum earnings clock in at about $4 a day. This is around fifty cents per person, per day, to provide shelter, food, medicine, clothing, etc. When school is at least $2o/month per child, you can see how far out of reach it is for families like these.

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Then CCDC came to the village of  Thimmanapalem. Davidu heard about CCDC and, after consideration, approached a social worker to request our help in funding his children’s education. The CCDC staff in Thimmanapalem was delighted to have Vandanamala and her younger sister, Samarpana, become part of the local center. CCDC assists with Vandanamala and Samarpana’s school fees, so the girls can finally attend school. Both of the sisters are thrilled to learn, and love studying, playing, and growing alongside their friends.

After school lets out for the day, Vandanamala and Samarpana come to the local CCDC of Thimmanapalem. With full bellies from a hot meal, the girls receive help with homework, and tutoring from a qualified teacher, something that illiterate parents are unable to do.  Because of CCDC’s help, they have the chance to escape the life of an uneducated laborer like their father and mother. Vandanamala is a brilliant young woman, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up. CCDC is the catalyst to help her achieve this dream.

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