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Annangi Vamsi is from a remote village called Alagayapalem. This village is 2 kms away from the beautiful Bay of Bengal. Most families here depend on the fishing business for their livelihood. The rest of them depend on daily labor work, either in agricultural fields or as masons. Vamsi comes from a dalit community, also called a scheduled caste. Over 744 tribes in India have been given this status by Indian government for political representation. This caste is considered to be the lowest in society. The scheduled caste families are very poor and mostly depend on daily labor works.

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Obviously, Vamsi’s family struggles financially. His father, Srinu, is a mason and gets Rs. 300 per day for his hard work. Despite this meager income, Srinu still has to meet every need of his family. Because he struggles to even find food, he has no time to consider the educational needs of his children.

On top of this, Srinu began to suffer from severe stomach pains. Days went by, and he started vomiting blood. Finally, Srinu consulted doctor, who discovered that Srinu had ulcer in his stomach. The doctor recommended surgery, but because of the family’s financial status, Srinu was worried about the treatment. But Srinu’s life was at stake, so the family agreed — he would go through with the surgery.

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After the treatment, Srinu was unable to work, dragging his family deeper into poverty. To support the family and pay for the multiple medical bills, Vamsi’s mother started going to work. Even with this, her income couldn’t make a dent in their debts, leaving her in despair. But the village CCDC intervened, accepting Vamsi into their program, and relieving the family of some of their burdens.

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Vamsi has been growing in CCDC under our complete holistic care. He is in Ukg (Upper Kindergarten) and has proven himself to be a quick learner. To Vamsi, every morning is new and exciting and he is thrilled to head to school. Vamsi dreams of being a police officer, and with education, he can be just that. We hope that CCDC will be able to support his dreams and pave the way for the bright future that lies ahead of him.

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