The Strength of Bharathi


Charan Teja and his sister Priyanka come from the Yanadula community, which is considered as low social class or untouchable in India. Charan’s father is a daily wage laborer. The government is introducing welfare schemes to uplift this community, however the caste system still remains oppressive. Like too many others in rural India, Charan’s father is addicted to alcohol. Their mother, Bharathi, works in a seafood factory earning around 150 Rupees a day (~2.25 USD/day). With this she tries to support her family, but it’s not enough to meet every need. She is torn; family burdens on one side and a drunken husband on the other. Bharanthi remains strong and is handling it all with great care. She is so kind, but also helpless.

Bharanthi came to us for help and we took Charan and Priyanka into CCDC and admitted them into a good private English school. Since then they have been with us; Charan Teja is in 3rd and Priyanka is in 2nd class. Over the last three years, God has shown grace to Charan and Priyanka as they travel 8 km by school bus traveling every day to reach their school.Playing with her friends (3)

Bharathi is very happy that her children are going to school, but worries about her husband. Every day her drunken husband comes to home with no money. As her children are growing they need the support of a father. Our social worker and the village pastor met with him personally and had a long conversation. In that meeting he confessed that he would leave alcohol, but the next day he was the same as always. We continue to try to reach him, but he has to be willing to seek help.

Making tiffinsBharathi’s hardships have continued. A few months back, she went through surgery and her body is not supporting her. She is unable to do hard work . Right now her mother-in-law, who runs a small tiffin center /road side hotel is only source for her family. She earns 200 to 300 Rupees per day through her small hotel. Together the two women find strength to go on and care for the children.

Even in these difficult circumstances Bharathi sees great hope for her children in through CCDC. She is happy to know that her children are cared for and will have a better way of life!with their mother and grand mother



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