Taking care of body, as well as mind


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One of the core values of CCDC is holistic restoration of the children.  We want to bring them up in good health and in the knowledge of cleanliness. In rural villages,  there is little knowledge of proper sanitation in and around their houses. Many have no choice but to work in unhygienic conditions all day long. CCDC has taken the initiative to teach and train the children and their parents in cleanliness of their surroundings and themselves. This will help them stay safe and healthy. More healthy days means more days in the classroom! 

One of our other health initiatives is to check the children’s height and weight, to make sure they are at a healthy BMI. Unlike the population in the U.S., the children in the rural areas are malnourished. We want our kids to be their best, and that means making sure they are healthy! This quarter, the children at Gudluru and Thimmana Palem were checked. Providing good nutrition and conducting regular check ups of their height, weight and their blood test are all part of holistic development. We care about the whole child! 


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