Streets to Seats!

IMG_7725Streets to Seats campaign begins today! We are going to be introducing you to new children each day for the next 21 days. CCDC does an amazing job taking kids from playing in the streets all day and placing them in seats in a classroom that gives them a chance to learn their way out of poverty. Without CCDC and the education we provide, children often end up either wasting their days playing in the streets, vulnerable and alone or following their parents into the fields.

Even though these children have families that care for them, before joining CCDC, getting an education was out of reach. Their parents work long hours to barely earn enough to buy food. This makes the children very vulnerable to traffickers and child labor. They either had to be taken to work with the parents, or be left alone for long hours waiting for their parents return. CCDC is able to provide the solution by providing education at good schools, and afterschool care that both enriches the child’s life and provides security against trafficking and child labor.DSC_0451

Education is the key to this and we need your help. We need to raise enough to pay off the tuition for the 2016-2017 school year  at four of our 26 centers, and we only have three weeks to do it! Our students won’t be allowed to take their exams (or move on in school) until their tuition is paid.

The four centers we are raising money for are Kothapatnam ($1,937), Peddavuyalawada ($4820), Mulaguntapadu ($4499) and Wollapalem ($4799) for a total of $16,055 we need to raise.

Please follow along over the next 3 weeks as we hear their stories, discover who each one wants to be when they grow up, and realize that we can be a part of their new story!

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