Streets to Seats: Vishnuvardhan

17807377_1386185294753013_2503235703420978411_oMeet Vishnuvardhan. His parents could not get work in or near the village where his family is from. They went to another city to get work, so Vishnuvardhan lives with his grandparents. His parents send enough money for food, but not enough money for his education. Vishnuvardhan never attended school before CCDC. Through the help of tutors, Vishnuvardhan has been enrolled in 6th grade and is doing quite well. He hopes to be a teacher when he finIMG_0291ishes his education. It is only $193 for the year for Vishnuvardhan to go to school. We need to pay his school fees by the end of this month for him to be allowed to take his final tests of the year. Please support Vishnuvardhan and his education.

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