Child Sponsorship

Change A Child's World

$30 a month changes a child's whole world! It provides safety, education, nutrition, and support for their family.


  • 16.T.AmruthaAmrutha is in 1st grade. Her father is a tractor driver, and even though he works long, hard hours, he only receives Rs. 300 (about $4) as a daily wage. Her mother is a homemaker,caring for her children while her husband works. When Amrutha’s father first began working, the family took out a loan of two lakhs (about $3,000) from bank, in order to purchase a tractor. But with such little income, the family was not able to pay back the loan, especially when it came with such a high interest rate. The bank seized the tractor, and with this, Amrutha’s father was stripped of his employment. His children were then pulled out of school, and their family’s future plunged into uncertainty. A local CCDC heard about Amrutha’s situation and offered her and her siblings a secure future when it came to their education. Now, Amrutha is a student once more, and does well in school. She makes her family and her CCDC community proud.
  • 3.M.Nagaprasad Prasad is in lower Kindergarten. His father, Mahesh, and mother, Koteshwaramma, work together in an agricultural field. Even though they already earn a very meager income, Manesh spends a major portion on alcohol. Oftentimes, he comes home drunk and becoming very abusive, particularly to his wife. Because of this, Koteshwaramma runs her family with her low income. Though she always dreamed of sending her son to school, she could never afford the hefty fees. When CCDC heard her family’s story, we took Naga Prasad into our program. Through CCDC he can now go to school, and fulfill his mother’s dream. He loves to go to school, and being with his friends. Though he is a very talented singer, his true passion lies in the medical field. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.
  • 22.T.NikithaNikitha's father sells ice cream, riding from village to village on his bicycle. If business is good, he could earn up to 200 RS a day (about $3). With his daily earnings, he buys food for the following day. If he doesn’t earn enough, his family will go hungry until business is better. With barely enough money to eat, the children didn't go to school before CCDC intervened. Nikitha loves to go to school alongside her brother. This is a gift of education has brought a whole new life that she couldn't have imagined. She is now studying in 3rd grade, and does phenomenally in school. Nikitha has a sweet spirit and she dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.
  • 2.M.BaluM. Balu is now in the 3rd grade. His father suffered a heart attack and passed away. His mother, Bujamma is the breadwinner of the family. She works in a nearby chair factory as a sweeper and earns 150 rupees a day. She struggles to provide for the family. They are only able to get food with this money. To help this family, Balu and his sister were taken into CCDC and admitted into a reputed school. Every day after school he comes to the center. He likes to play games. Curd rice is his favorite food. When he grows up he wants to become a Police officer.