Ramya’s Story

Ramya comes from Singarayakonda village. She is the eldest daughter in her family, and has one younger sister named Kavya.  Her father, Prasadu, use to work as a mason laborer, but after two brutal appendix operations, his body was no longer strong enough to handle the demands of the job. To top it off, his hard work — from dawn to dusk, every day — only yielded pennies with which to support his family. In order to take on the role her husband could not fill, Ramya’s mother,, Mahalaxmi, went to  work as a daily laborer. In the weeks that followed this sadly familiar tragedy, the children stopped going to school. It simply wasn’t possible for Ramya’s family to fund her education. Time passed, and soon an additional problem arose. Mahalaxmi stopped going to work, due to increasing health problems. A consultant doctor discovered that she had been suffering from a hernia, and informed her family that surgery was imminent and necessary. Worried, her family took out a loan for her surgery, plunging them further into debt.

Ramya with her parents


As things worsened, Prasadu heard about CCDC and approached a village social worker. He asked us to support his children’s education, knowing that without school, Ramya and Kavya could be forever trapped in the situation that their parents were in — indebted, poor, and uneducated. CCDC instantly accepted, enrolling Ramya in a local school. Now Prasadu works as a van driver at the school where Ramya is studying, and gets to watch his daughter every day as she walks to class, full of joy and hope. Every month Prasadu is earning 6000 rupees, far more than he would have made as a mason. With this newfound financial boost, he is back to providing for his family and supporting his daughter’s studies.

Ramy with her ccdc children fun time at ccdc

For the past four years, Ramya is has benefited from our CCDC, learning and growing every day. Now she is 9th grade and studying very hard to achieve her dream: to become a teacher. She wants to be a beacon of light to children who need knowledge and teaching, like CCDC is to her.  Ramya wants nothing more than to stand with her family, and support them like a good daughter does. We are thankful for Ramya’s unbreakable spirit, and can’t wait to see her succeed in the new life she has because of education.

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