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Most of the Indian population is below the poverty line. These are people who do not have the basic skills to work a fulfilling job. The career options for rural India are very limited — most people work for daily wages, performing backbreaking labor for almost no pay. They earn a very meager income and lead miserable lives, lacking some of the most basic necessities. For many, any attempts to better the situation drives them further into debt. This story is a familiar one to Ram Charan, because it is his own.

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Ram Charan’s father, Srinu, is a tractor driver and earns Rs.400 (about $2.50) a day. He previously worked for a landlord in his village, Thakilapadu. Landlords are generally people from a higher caste, who employ people from the lower caste to do any of their trivial jobs. The caste system is still very much alive in India, and it specifically affects everyone who lives below the poverty line. Ram Charan’s mother was an agricultural laborer. Even with their combined income, they were unable to make ends meet. To remedy this, Srinu took a debt from a farmer in the village. But because their bad financial situation continued to worsen, they could not pay back their debts. Srinu was unable to handle the pressure and started to drink, which led the family into more trouble.

CCDC sensed this need in the community and offered to enroll Ram Charan in school. Education, they said, was the key to saving their child from a life of hopelessness and worry. Fortunately, they agreed with CCDC and enrolled their son immediately. Ram Charan now attends a reputed English medium school. He is in 1st year. After school, he comes to the CCDC, where he receives evening tutoring, learns many stories and songs, play with his friends, and eats a hot meal. Ram Charan is phenomenal at his studies and has risen to the top of his class, making his parents and his CCDC family proud.

CCDC has been able to intervene in situations like Ram Charan’s. These families walk through a lot of brokenness and worry, so CCDC wants to step in and help ease the burden. With CCDC, these families can concentrate on growth instead of hopelessness, and their children will rise to a better place in society, which in turn, gives them a future that is not bogged down by pain and strife.

Merry Christmas from everyone at CCDC! Your love and hope for our schools have changed lives, time and time again. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best Christmas gift anyone could give.

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