Poverty Shouldn’t Be Permanent!

IMG_0010What difference does one school or another make in India?

All the difference.
When you started school, did your parents have to choose between a free school with no building, books, or teachers or a well-run private school that could give you a chance at life, but cost more than their monthly wages to attend?

Hopefully not.
In rural Indian villages, government-run schools are available to all, with the hope that most will reach literacy before leaving school for good to go help the family, usually about age eight or nine.

Child labor laws are in place, but usually not enforced.

Covenant Child Development Centers (CCDC) provides educational assistance, a meal, emotional support and guidance to 25 select families in a village.  This ministry is run through the local village church and is meant to lift up the village in the long-term future.

CCDC provides a way and a reason and accountability to keep the child in not just a good school, but the best college prep school in the area.

Partners like you keep children like these on the road to dignity and a future.

CCDC is a long-term solution through education and discipleship, that aims to bring transformation to the local community.

Become a partner with us today through a gift of any amount! Every dollar makes a huge difference.

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