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EAD39C65-A85F-4D30-AAB2-94BFF0092525I’m so thankful that CCDC is part of my life! It has been a great joy for me to be part of the transformative work happening in rural Andhra Pradesh. When I stop and think about what CCDC is doing and the generational impact on that it will have on poverty, trafficking, child labor, and just the well being of the people involved, it overwhelms me!

For those that don’t know me or my story, I want to share a little about how I got here and why I am working with CCDC. I made this video in between running my kids around, so please forgive the “mom” van. I have four wonderful children of my own, besides the 544 children that we care for in our centers.

I would much prefer being behind the camera, but this is a small step in sharing the story of CCDC through sharing how it is woven with my story. I would love to hear how it is woven in with yours!


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