Haveela’s Story

Haveela Rani is the middle child in a family of eight. She lives with her parents, grandmother, and four siblings in Takkelapadu, India. This large family is supported primarily by her father, Zacharia, through his work as an auto rickshaw driver. Though he was once a mason, he took out a loan and bought an auto, which he drives for a meager Rs. 300 per day (less than $2). Sadly, this income is never enough to provide for his family.

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To add to their struggles, Haveela’s grandfather fell into a coma following a serious illness. Zacharia had to take out another loan on top of the auto loan, to pay for continuing treatments. Despite efforts to save his life, Haveela’s grandfather passed away after 8 months in a coma. But the treatment was expensive, and it left Zacharia with a large debt to the money lenders.

In the midst of their grief, a CCDC pastor met with the family and offered to send their children to school. Zacharia gratefully agreed to send Haveela to CCDC. This took an enormous burden off of the family’s shoulders. Now, Haveela’s family lives in government housing near CCDC. Zachary attends Haveela’s parent/teacher meetings without fail, and the family goes to church regularly.

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He tells us ‘It is by God’s grace that my eldest daughter Kumari has a seat in the government’s residential school. Now Haveela is being educated by CCDC, and she is given good English lessons, extra food, and safe transportation to and from school. I praise God for CCDC and for the education it is giving my daughter.’

Her mother thanked us, saying, ‘I am glad that Haveela is shown love and care at center, and given her evening snacks — especially the boiled egg and glass of hot milk. It is not an easy task to raise girls and send them to school, not in India. We are so grateful that CCDC shares in our sufferings and provides education for Haveela.’

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Haveela is now in kindergarten. In the beginning, she used to skip her classes, but now she enjoys school, and attends every day. She has many friends and loves to play games outside. Haveela is very athletic and is excited to continue her studies, thanks to CCDC. We are so grateful for the work we get to do in raising up the young children of India.

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