Supporting Families and Preventing Trafficking

Through Holistic Care of Children in Rural SE India

HOPE IN ACTION: See how we're transforming the lives of children.

Glance into daily life in rural India and see how CCDC is working to combat poverty and child trafficking by providing children with an education to secure them with futures of hope and opportunity.

Our aim is to see the cycle of poverty broken through education. CCDC seeks to provide children with an education to help the entire village overcome the perpetual cycle of poverty that comes from lack of education and opportunity.
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We have a wide range of focuses to address the needs of children in areas such as health and hygiene, education, famine and flood relief. See what projects we are fundraising for currently and see how you can help.
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Stay up to date on the latest news about the children, events that are happening, projects we are doing, and needs that we have. Witness God transform and move in the lives of the children as they share their testimonies.
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There are many opportunities to give—you can sponsor a child or center, or you can donate for a specific project or need that we have. See how you can make a difference in the life of a child today. Any amount is a blessing.
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