Poverty Shouldn't be Permanent!

Do you want to actually make a difference in the world, not just temporarily support a child, but to leave a lasting mark on a community, to bring a generation out of the grasp of poverty, or to help develop the leaders of tomorrow?

If the answer to any of that is yes, CCDC is for you!


CCDC is not a short-term rescue.     CCDC is not an immediate cure.

CCDC is a long-term solution that aims to bring transformation to the local community. We are committed to these villages, families, children for the long haul. MANY people could be impacted through YOUR support of Covenant Child Development Centers!

Not just a child, not just a small group of children, but a whole village – parents, siblings, village elders, everyone…

Find out more about sponsorship and how YOU can make a huge difference in lives across the globe.

HOPE IN ACTION: See how we're transforming the lives of children.

Glance into daily life in rural India and see how CCDC is working to combat poverty and child trafficking by providing children with an education to secure them with futures of hope and opportunity.

A little goes a long way in India and every bit helps! Its easy to give and makes a huge difference to children in need.
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Ever wonder what its like to be a low caste child growing up in poverty? its a hard life- child labor, trafficking, hunger and oppression. There is hope and a chance to change their lives!
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We give children an education, family support, nutrition, accountability that will give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty within their castes, families and villages.
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Keep up with the latest news on our children, events, projects, and needs. Witness transformation in the lives of the children, families and villages!
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